Gazeal is simple and works with your Conveyancer. Practitioners, Lecturers, Judges and QC have given their feedback and firms below explain the Gazeal service and will also give you 10 minutes free consultation.

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Clear and concise Reservation Agreement with a simple and fast method for the resolution of any disputes.

Clarity & Certainty

Once your sale is agreed make sure it is reserved, to protect you from Gazumping/Gazundering. Start ordering your new curtains and your new furniture safe in the knowledge that your deal is secure before legal exchange of contracts.

Say goodbye to old fashioned large holding deposits and say hello to a small fee to guarantee a meaningful financial commitment by each party to the other.

Gazeal's Reservation Agreement

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Clarity & Certainty

Feedback from Practitioners, Lecturers, Judge and QC.

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Great for us as well as our clients; saves a month. The Reservation Agreement is brilliant; everything is transparent and so up front the seller and the buyer know exactly where they are.

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Gazeal's game changer is the Reservation Agreement. Neither the seller nor the buyer are obliged to put up a large reservation deposit on signing. The Gazeal Agreement will be in the best interests of the majority of conveyancing clients .

The Gazeal Reservation Agreement will fit the vast majority of residential property transactions so if you do feel it is appropriate to advise them not to use it you should be careful to record the advice and the reasons for it.

Gazeal guarantees each party's financial commitment together so there is no need for any deposit to be put in place, meaning that the agreement can be implemented very quickly at a lower cost.

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Gazeal guarantees each party's obligations to the other. If one party withdraws unreasonably the other knows that they will receive the amount of the financial commitment.

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