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Gazeal transforms the way you buy or sell your home.



Buying and selling your home made 

Simple. Safe. Guaranteed.

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Gazeal will help seller prepare the key legal information about the property, in order to make the house sale ready for buyers.


Saves Time

Gazeal transfers all this information to your choice of conveyancer, without having to fill out the information again.


We ask the seller and the buyer to show commitment to each other by reserving the sale and mutually signing an agreement


Seller and buyer decide which guarantee agreement suits both without having to worry about old-fashioned deposits.

Empowered Buyers

Safe Sellers 

Happy Agents

You Gazealed the Deal

Gazeal System.

The Old Way is Flawed.

Is the average cost for a failed property sale

Of people see their sale fall through within the first 3 weeks.

Property transactions collapse every year.

How Gazeal Works ?

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Buyer Information Pack.

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Winner PropTech Company of the Year

Property Wire Awards 2017

Step 1

Our buyer information packs ensure that buyers make an informed purchase decision. The seller of the home completes key information about their property and this transparency eliminates a lot of the risks attached with unknown information. better-informed buyer is less likely to pull out and more likely to be bold in putting forward their best offer.

All this information is completed on the Gazeal platform and after an offer is agreed all the information is instantly transferred to any conveyancer of your choice.

Now you know, the boiler is serviced, the windows are guaranteed and the wiring was done by professionals- proceed with certainty.

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80% of people buying a house wanted more information upfront.

Once your sale is agreed make sure it is reserved, and the property taken off the market, to protect you from Gazumping/Gazundering. Start ordering your new curtains and your new furniture safe in the knowledge that your deal is secure before legal exchange of contracts.

Say goodbye to old fashioned large holding deposits and say hello to a small fee to guarantee a meaningful financial commitment by each party to the other.


Complete your forms on a smartphone anywhere, anytime.


Upload, save and review the documents on the go.


Review and sign your reservation agreement securely online.

No Printing.

No Paperwork.

No Fuss.

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Providing an informed and reliable offer. The key information at this early stage creates an offer that is informed and more reliable for all parties.

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Buying and selling your home made 

Simple. Safe. Guaranteed.